Glogster Project

Objective: Make a glog showcasing your favorite breakfast and lunch foods! Glogster

Step 1
You must
  • use preference vocabulary (J'aime, J'adore, Je n'aime pas, Je déteste, etc) + le, la, l' or les
  • label two areas of your glog - Le petit-déjeuner and Le déjeuner
  • include 5 likes and two dislikes for breakfast
  • include 5 likes and two dislikes for lunch
  • describe the food you like/don't like
  • include pictures as well as any other media you prefer
  • name your glog - example Glog de Louise

Step 2
When you are finished with your poster, follow the following steps:
  • Create a new page on the wiki by clicking on the plus sign next to Pages and Files
  • Name your page. Example - Glog de Louise
  • IMPORTANT - You must tag your page - Glogster Project
  • Click create
  • In glogster, underneath your glog, select embed this Glog.
  • Select copy next to Blog size Glog 560X414
  • Return to your wiki page. If you are not already in the editing mode, click edit.
  • In the editing mode, select widget.
  • Select other html on the bottom left hand side and paste the embedded code into the box. You may preview your page first, then click save.

Step 3
Create a discussion in French on at least five different glogs (see example of discussion on Grace's page). Agree or disagree with your classmates' likes and dislikes.