Project Rubric

When you are finished with your house, follow these important steps:
  • Create a new page on the wiki by clicking on the plus sign next to Pages and Files
  • Name your page. Example - La maison de Pierre
  • IMPORTANT - You must tag your page - Ma maison
  • Click create
  • In click on the export icon in the upper right hand corner. Export your image. It will automatically be sent to your email.
  • Click the share icon (next to the export icon) and share your floor plan by email to Please include your name in the message.
  • Return to your wiki page. If you are not already in the editing mode, click edit.
  • In the editing mode, select file and upload your image to your wiki page.

Accent Codes
Alt 0224 - à
Alt 0232 - è
Alt 0233 - é
Alt 0244 - ô